What we do

• Are you hitting your sales goals in DTC and Distribution?
• Are you beating the Club growth of the wineries around you?
• Do you have a marketing and PR plan to support your growth goals for 2019?
• Do you get answers from your team that leave you wondering?
• Do you get timely reports with critical information?

We help wineries with each of these points, and more.


Confidential, and we mean it. Both for clients and candidates. The trust we build is what our success if built on.

All-access: the talent you seek is rarely looking at ads online. They may not be looking, but we can find them.

Grow and protect your investment: the right talent in your team is the best future-proofing you can do.

Blocking and Tackling

DTC: comprehensive experience management, digital marketing, outreach, club growth, contact management.

Wholesale: brand positioning review, pricing analysis, distributor evaluation, programming planning, key account focus, tracking tools, meetings.

Marketing: integral brand strategy, planning and budget, goal alignment, materials, website, PR.

Team: review, training, hiring.

Brand Tune-up

Is your brand message compelling AND clear?
Can everyone in your team communicate it? How about the distributor sales reps in your key markets?
How do your customers see you, and why will they choose your wine over so many others?
Does your image from the outside match what you are aiming for?


Our Role

Small projects or big ones, our goal is: “focused engagements, strong results”.

We fill-in where small and medium-sized wineries don’t have the budget for a stellar full-time employee, but need the results.
Our inside-outside perspective of your organization allows us to help you and your team make efficient, focused progress.

Reviewing a programming calendar; editing a presentation or a tech sheet; preparing for a meeting with a distributor or, blind tasting competing wines to evaluate the positioning. We can help with all of these and more.

So far, so good?  Hit the contact page and let’s find out how we can best help you reach your goals.

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