Email Marketing

Let's dissect a good specimen and learn from it

Most wineries have been utilizing email marketing for a very long time, as part of their mailing list or membership program (Club/Release/Offering methods alike).

Each email is an opportunity to accomplish several goals:

  • generate direct sales on the website: new releases, big sales, Cyber Monday, etc.
  • generate traffic to the tasting room
  • release-related: either notice of a Club shipment or opening of an offering period for a release
  • increase customer loyalty - reduce attrition
  • generate RSVP's for an event
  • announce news: great score, upcoming events, winemaking updates
  • brand building

It's tough to hit on multiple goals without getting lengthy. Brevity is key: the likelihood that someone will read something is inversely proportional to its word-count.

A few days ago, I received an email from the good folks at Impossible Foods, and I felt we could all learn something from it. So I tacked on my comments and I present you right below, the dissection of a solid email.
I liked doing this so much, I might start doing it with winery emails next.

Note: Leyack Group is not associated with Impossible Foods in any way (although we do like their burgers)

Good email example Impossible

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