In an ultra-competitive 2020, doing “more of the same” and expecting a better result is a sure way to fall short of hitting your goals.

You can now reach some of the people you always wished you could, utilizing the latest tools. See below some of the targets we can help you reach. Call or email us to discuss a plan that fits your goals.

Target: Distributor Depletions 

  • Distributor staff (managers, sales reps)
  • Buyers and staff at key accounts (on and off-premise)
  • Consumers who visit certain key accounts

Target: DTC growth

  • Guests who visit your top competitors tasting room
  • Wine lovers who purchase similar wines or are planning a visit
  • Implement a funnel for your winery
  • Grow your mailing list
  • Yes, there’s more

We teamed up with CCMedia, with 30 years in ad-buying experience and over ten years in digital advertising, to put the latest technologies to work for wineries.